About Us

Hello!   My name is Shauna, I live in beautiful Bend, Oregon with my pain in the ass husband of 20 years (whom I love) and my beautiful daughter Isabella.  I am the Chief Smartass here at Amazingly Awesome Gifts and I absolutely love finding and creating awesome gifts.

I started this business with the goal of helping others send gifts that inspire fun, laughter, and joy.   Life can get overwhelming and we need to make having fun and experiencing true joy a daily habit.

It is my desire to make the gifting experience as easy as possible eliminating the need for you to run from store to store or stand in line at the post office (ugh)!  

Thanks for stopping by - I hope we were able to produce a giggle or a smile from you while you were here.  We look forward to gifting with you!

Be Bold - Do The Unexpected - Be Amazingly Awesome!



(My crazy family on vacation - not taking ourselves to seriously)